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About Us

Vinissa Blann

Owner & Head Trainer,

Day Dream Farm


With more than 25 years of experience, Vinissa Blann has trained riders to the top of hunter-jumper sport, producing national champions, top 10 finishers in the Big Eq finals, the THIS National Children's Medal Final Champion, and more. 

As a rider herself, Vinissa took her first lessons at just four years old and made it all the way to the grand prix level.  The "firsts" are what motivate her, and she experiences them on a daily basis in running her Day Dream Farm operation, from her students' first trots, canters and jumps to first indoor finals. For Vinissa, it's all about when all of a rider's lessons come together to achieve a goal, and there is a desire to want to learn more.

Learn more about Vinissa's program at Day Dream Farm.

Kate Turner

Assistant Trainer


Originally from Pennsylvania, Kate Turner developed her love for horses at a young age. She began her riding career in hunter-jumper sport but pursued other disciplines as well, including fox hunting, driving, polo, and eventing, where she found her true passion under the instruction of Olympian Phillip Dutton.


Kate has been a riding instructor in Wellington for more than 20 years, teaching both children and adults. When she is not teaching, she finds time to assist a veterinarian with her practice to further her knowledge in equine health. 



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