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Day Dream Farm offers instruction for riders of all ages and levels, from those seeking their first lessons to those looking to take their skills to the next level.


Day Dream Farm's instructional program centers around learning in a positive, family-like environment. Lessons focus on clear, concise instruction; in addition to their skills in the saddle, riders also work on building their physical strength and horsemanship knowledge—with a bit of light-hearted fun always incorporated.

Day Dream Farm also offers lease and half-lease programs for horses and ponies in the barn.


Boarding and full care is available to clients receiving instruction. Horses at Day Dream Farm receive the highest level of care and oversight—our commitment is to the care and well-being of our horses, and each horse is treated as an individual. 

Riding Instruction

Horse Show Training

From the local to the national stage, Day Dream Farm riders are equipped with the tools necessary to thrive in a competitive atmosphere. 

Day Dream Farm riders hold regular presences at horse show ingates. Training programs are available for riders in all divisions at horse shows throughout South Florida and across the country.

Horse Show Training
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